We’ve all heard the saying “a dog is man’s best friend”. Have you ever thought about why? Sure they provide companionship, even in a therapeutic capacity. So much so that their companionship is actually prescribed on a daily basis to people with debilitating social anxiety or those suffering from PTSD.

They can also protect you from other people if need be. They can also keep you warm, and alert you if something is wrong. All of these things are considered common attributes in most dogs.

Sometimes a dog’s friendship can extend beyond these things though. Animals are very sentient beings. They can sense things in the same ways that we do, and display emotions just like ours.

It’s no wonder then that, just as people can be heroes, when equipped with the right training dogs can be equally heroic. Well, that is just what Lusy Imbergerova set out to prove with her dance partner, Deril the dog.

Watch their military-inspired performance at the FCI 2016 Dog Dance World Championship and see why we’re so captivated! If your blown away as much as we are, go ahead and give us a like! Read More to see what has millions of people in tears.

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