There’s nothing ordinary about We McDonald. She doesn’t look like your average 17-year-old and she most definitely doesn’t sound like one.

When she auditioned for the 11th season of the voice, she turned all the chairs with her performance. Her voice was deep, beautiful and fantastically controlled. She sang “Feeling Good” and killed it!

She got a standing ovation from the judges who were very impressed by her performance, especially Miley and Alicia. When the judges asked for her name, a sweet tiny voice came out of her mouth.

The judges couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Her speaking pipes was a far cry from the diva who graced the stage just moment before. And what them got even more riled up is the fact that the young to-be superstar was only 17 years old.

Anyone who would hear that voice wouldn’t think that it came from a teenager.  It sounded like that of a seasoned singer with years of experience behind her.

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