Star Spangled Banner

Performing in front of a large audience can be absolutely terrifying. In fact — for some people, it’s their biggest fear. Now, imagine performing an important song like the Star Spangled Banner when one of the cymbals you’re holding, goes crashing to the ground.

What would you do? Run off the stage? Frantically pick it up and burst into tears? Try your best to pretend like nothing happened? All of these things would be running through your head if it happened to you.

Sadly — it did happen. A young student named Andrew was performing at Eisenhower Junior High School in Illinois; he was chosen as a select few to lead the yearly Red and White concert dedicated to our country’s servicemen.

Andrew was ecstatic to take part in the lead because he comes from a family of people who served our country. He was going to play the loud, crashing cymbal — it adds so much power to a song.

Their conductor told the group that they would be starting the concert with a performance of the Star Spangled Banner — our glorious national anthem.

Everything started smoothly, all of the instruments working in perfect harmony and melody. But soon? The handles on Andrew’s cymbals just seem to completely fall apart!

Read More below to see how this teen handled this embarrassing situation. We think you’ll be impressed!

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