I thought I couldn’t love dogs more but this video just made my day. Despite several rejections from a kid with Down Syndrome, this yellow Lab still insists to be friends with him and it’s so beautiful to witness. The background music helps too.

He laid with the kid, patted his shoulders, cuddled him and really tried to cheer him up by being goofy. It’s amazing how kind, patient, and understanding dogs can be.

According to a research to a research published in 2012 by Stanley Coren, dogs are capable of feeling empathy, a complex emotion that enables them to share our pain. The research found out that a dog will approach and comfort a person, whether his owner or a stranger, who is down.

Doesn’t this just make you love dogs even more? He’s been rejected by the special needs kid several times but he never gave up on him. He knows the kid needs his friendship and he’s doing what he can to cheer him up!

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