PAC Dance Team has been receiving mixed reactions from the crowd. Some people like them, some people don’t. But one can’t deny that they are popular for a reason.

The group is a high school dance team that has been making rounds on the internet lately for their viral videos. In fact, they are among the very few acts on America’s Got Talent that got a standing ovation before they even performed.

People recognize them for their fairy-tale themed dance videos during pep rallies in school and such. Although they appeal mostly to the younger demographic, there’s no denying that they have huge potential.

During their audition, their theme was Wizard of Oz. This time, it is Alice In Wonderland.

Young and strong female lead roles are a hit among the generation of girls today. In fact, two teenage girls in the theater were seen clapping in awe, almost teary eyed, as they watched and supported the group.

The dance team claimed that they stepped up their game by adding more complicated moves and better choreography to their routine! And they delivered!

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