Quin was lifted, thrown and dragged–all while doing graceful flips and splits, among other things.

The performance ended with Misha holding Quin’s hand and leg, and rolling her down from his shoulders down to the ground. It was definitely not for the average 71-year-old with their fragile bones and stiff joints.

Howie could not help but yell a loud ‘’whoa’’ at the sight of the final move! The couple got a standing ovation from the crowd and judge Heidi Klum.

‘’Your kicks, you’re so toned. It’s nuts. You don’t have an expiration date and you showed that,’’ Heidi told Quin. ‘’I love what you just did,’’ she added.

Howie poked fun at the younger Misha for being a little out of breath while his older dance partner did not seem to have a tough time breathing.

The couple got four yeses from the judges and will be moving on. Stay tuned for these two!