It’s amazing to see how the choice of music and light can affect our interpretation of a dance piece. Starting with lighthearted melodies that seamlessly shift into a dark ominous symphony, these performers will catapult you from one emotion to another within a matter of seconds. It’s no wonder these next videos will leave you in awe.

These video clips are just going to get better and better! Keep scrolling to see how each performance takes you on a journey that’s deeper and more vivid than words alone can ever describe.

8. UDI- This Britain’s Got Talent dance group use light and shadow mixed with brilliant color to create a suspenseful piece that has everyone captivated. Watch to see why this video has culled over 31 million views.

7. Blue Journey-This adorable crew had only known each other for four  days before auditioning for AGT. As they stumble through the most awkward interview ever, you start to wonder if the two are really in sync enough to pull off a performance piece. Watch as they prove that sometimes art is the only way to communicate.

6. Oscar & Gaspar- While this group is actually a collective of video-mapping and digital arts geniuses, it is the two men who never appear that are the masterminds behind the scenes. Watch as they transform Heidi’s body into unforgettable characters and even animals!

5. Canion Shijirbat- This young performer first hit the scene in Mongolia’s Got Talent. In his audition, he used a combination of dance, digital projection, music and shadow-play to bring about this evocative performance. Watch as this creative genius moves the judges to their feet.

4. Freckled Sky- Though we only get to see two of them at work, Freckled sky is a video projection dance group founded by Val Syganevich. Watch as they use everything from song and dance to water and light to create a visual piece so stunning it had Howard racing to hit the golden buzzer!

These acts are so amazing it’s hard to believe they can be topped. Trust me, they have been. Continue to the next page to see the top three moving mixed-media performances!

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