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You’ve probably heard her name before because her performances have been circulating the internet like crazy lately. She’s Mandy Harvey, and she blew people away with her audition on America’s Got Talent.

Why was her performance so special? You might be asking yourself that question right now. After all, there are thousands of people that have auditioned on the show at this point. What stood out about Mandy?

Well — for starters, she’s deaf. Yes, you read that correctly. Mandy lost all of her hearing when she was 18-year-old, but that never stopped her from pursuing her dream of performing music. She’s incredible.

When she first auditioned, she performed an original song. She wrote the entire thing and titled it “Mara’s Song.” It’s this performance that blew the cold-hearted Simon Cowell away. In fact — he pressed the coveted golden buzzer for her.

After moving on to the quarterfinals, she was well on her way to winning over the hearts of people all across America. Simon Cowell said it “one of the most amazing things” he’d ever seen.

You’ve just got to see it for yourself. It’s absolutely incredible that this girl hasn’t let being deaf stop her in any way. Continue to the next page!

This September, the popular television series The X Factor, is going to embark on its 14th season. We’ve seen so many wonderfully talented people cross that stage, but this particular performance is incredibly special.

A young man named Craig Coulton is from Liverpool and his audition is something that you’re going to remember for a very long time. When you watch the video on the next page, you’re going to be in awe.

Craig is 22-years-old and he is a “biscuit worker” — we’re not sure what that is, but it sounds yummy! He enters the stage and introduces himself the judges on the 8th season of The X Factor.

The young man tells the judges that his parents are in the audience. Not only that? They had no idea he was even auditioning! “It’s a surprise for them,” he explains.

When the camera pans to Craig’s parents, the looks on their faces says it all. They are clearly surprised and were completely taken aback at their son’s impromptu performance.

As if appearing on The X Factor wasn’t a big enough surprise, it’s when he starts singing that his parents’ jaws really drop.  Read on below. You’ve got to see this performance!

The song “Hallelujah” has been performed by many artists. There have been multiple renditions of the song, and each one is absolutely beautiful. But this particular version of the song is going to blow you away.

Her name is Sailor Jerry and she’s a Navy veteran. One of her biggest hobbies is singing and she often uploads videos of her singing and playing guitar on YouTube. Recently — she posted a video that is taking the internet by storm.

The video has gone viral since she uploaded it on Facebook and it has amassed millions of views — and for good reason. This isn’t just any version of Hallelujah. This was very special.

Sailor Jerri decided to take the classic, beautiful song and make it even more special by creating her own lyrics that are dedicated to the military. It was her way of honoring all of the veterans.

The first opening line will have you hooked.

“You packed your bags and shut the door. You crossed the sea to fight a war. You didn’t know just what would happen to ya.”

Continue to the next page to watch this incredible rendition of such a gorgeous song. You’re going to be in tears!

There are so many talented people in the world these days that it’s hard to find someone that completely impresses us anymore. We’ve seen amazing singers, incredible dancers, crazy acrobats — it’s tough to catch people’s attention these days.

One Filipino boy was filmed recently while he was karaoke-ing for a competition, little did he know, the video was going to go viral. People all over the world were going to be absolutely floored by his singing performance.

Now, most people might think that a karaoke video is for laughs — people who think they can sing will often gain some liquid courage and grace the stage. But not this video — this one is quite the contrary.

The young boy was auditioning for a singing competition and the judges were having the contestants sing through a karaoke machine. His choice of song? Only one of the toughest songs in music history.

The young Filipino boy chose to audition by singing the classic Whitney Houston song “I Will Always Love You.” One of the most difficult songs to ever sing. This kid knocks it out of the park completely.

Read On to watch as the young Filipino boy flawlessly sings the classic ballad. It’s incredible!

The incredible thing about talent is that it knows no age, no race, no financial status. People from all walks of all possess the talent to perform incredible skills ranging from singing to dancing to athletics. Humans are amazing.

Two sisters named Anastasia Petrik and Viktoria Petrik are no strangers to performing in front of a large crowd. The sisters have been singing for most of their entire lives — they were certainly born to perform.

The 11 and 16-year old sisters performed and competed at the Junior Eurovision contest — Anna won the contest in Amsterdam back in 2012. Viktoria auditioned on Ukraine’s Got Talent. The judges invited Anna on stage with her sister.

Their voices blew those judges away and the two of them ended up making it to the semi-finals. They were competing together at that point — their voices belonged together.

Well, they’ve done it again — they perform a cover of Mariah Carey’s “Without You” and it’s absolutely phenomenal. The girls sing the song with such perfection and grace, it’s guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

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