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There’s no doubt that there are some talented people in this world. Talents can range anywhere from singing and dancing to gymnastics or magic. No matter the talent, it’s always fun to watch people perform. In this case? It’s a robot routine.

Yes, you read that correctly — a dancer named Karen X performs a “robot making breakfast” dance type of routine, and it completely blew people’s minds because she was so good.

Karen X is performing at the ‘The Motherflippin’ Flip-Off’ competition. Her choice of performing a robot-inspired routine might sound a little strange but it’s something that she’s been interested in for a while.

According to Karen, “the first time I saw a guy robot dancing, oddly I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I’ve been training almost 3 years now to try to become the most convincing robot I can be.”

Let us just tell you now that Karen is quite the convincing robot. She clumsily makes breakfast, as you’d imagine a robot would, and she moves perfectly with the sound effects. It’s incredible! No wonder the audience is going completely nuts!

Continue to the next page to watch Karen X’s mind-blowing robot performance. You don’t want to miss this!

Doing impressions of any kind is a hard thing to pull off — so when a young woman auditioning for America’s Got Talent announced that she would be doing impersonations? They weren’t exactly thrilled.

Her name is Melissa and after the judges ask her a few questions, she begins a performance that not one person saw coming. The audience and the judges were about to be completely blown away.

Melissa’s audition starts with an impression of Barbara Walters, the audience’s giggles confirm that she’s off to a good start. Then, the young comedienne moves on to impressions of Natalie Portman and Kathy Griffin.

This is when the crowd absolutely loses it.

It was clear that she was a seriously funny girl, and the entire room was buckled over by her performance. If doing talking impersonations wasn’t enough — she then moves on to singing some famous tunes!

Melissa belts out impersonations of Christina Aguilera and completely nails it. Now she’s proven that she has a set of lungs on her too!

You’re going to watch her performance on the next page — it got her an invite to audition for Saturday Night Live! Continue to the next page to watch.

An 80-year-old woman named Natalie Trayling from Australia is about to completely blow you away by a musical performance. You’ll have no doubt as to why her son calls her the “best ‘unknown’ composer in the world today.”

Natalie has been playing piano around the city of Melbourne for years. She’d find pianos to play anyway she possibly could; hotels, street pianos, stores, or when she was on good times — she’d have her own.

The elderly woman has been through a lot in her 80 years; she lost both of her daughters, has been homeless off and on, and has suffered from medical problems as well. One thing she always had was music.

“Music is everything,” she said in an ABC News special. “I do feel part of it. The whole world is music.”

You can hear the sadness in her music but it’s absolutely beautiful and it’s definitely not something that you want to miss. It’s haunting, it’s chilling, and it’s incredible.

One performance was put up on her son’s YouTube channel and it’s received over 6 million views. You’re going to be moved to tears when you read more below!

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