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Magicians always strive to be the best. Some of them are pretty amazing but a lot of them are pretty average. Why try so hard to practice and come up with new tricks when you can receive just as much love by completely sucking at it?

Lioz Shem Tov walked into the stage and introduced himself as a magician. But something was off. Apart from his looks, he doesn’t really have the flair or smoothness for magic. There were signs, particularly his opening speech where he claimed that he will do something that has never been done before –which is magic!

But everyone has seen a magic or two.

To begin his act, he grabbed an inflated rubber glove and told everyone he will transform it into Pikachu from Pokemon. All he did was squeeze the glove but the audience was finally catching on what he was actually about. In fairness to him, it did look somewhat like Pikachu.

Next, he transformed the rubber glove into a sea turtle which was, again, sloppily done. Then, he transformed it into a baby. And finally, Donald Trump but the rubber glove still took the form of a baby, implying that Trump is a baby.

He threw the rubber glove aside and grabbed a deck of over sized cards. He asked Mel to pick a card and show it to the audience. He told Mel to shove it back it to the deck, but then he replaced the over sized deck with a regular deck so the card the judge was trying to put back in stands out worse than a sore thumb. 

When sweet ol’ Ray Jessel walked into the stage, everyone was expecting a beautiful and heartwarming act from a senior who has not given up on his dream. While that might be true (for most parts), there’s nothing that can prepare them for what was about to happen.

Ray loves to write about romance –whether it’s love gained or love lost. He is a romantic at heart which is supposed to yield a pretty sweet performance.

But it was just raunchy as hell, as he sang one of the original songs he wrote.

The song started out great. The audience felt like  front seat passengers of a budding love story but there was something more. Everyone was curious, nervous if you may about what’s going to happen.

The chorus of the song goes:

She’s got that style. She’s got that smile
She’s got the walk. She’s got the talk
She’s got that zing. There’s just one thing
She’s got a p****!

Everyone was confused. One can easily discern from the audience’s s faces that they were second guessing themselves. ‘’Did I just hear p****?’’

It finally sank in. Ray Jessel is not your typical old guy who will give a heartwarming performance. He was there to leave a mark with an edgy performance that is untypical for a guy his age.

Got Talent competitions have all sorts of acts in their roster–from heartwarming to sad to downright death defying. Sometimes, it is hard to sit through a performance without one of your eyes clothes. Alexandr Magala’s audition is definitely one of those performances.

Magala, a 26-year-old daredevil, swallowed swords while doing stunts. It was so dangerous that the audience couldn’t stop gasping in fear of the young man’s safety.

He started his performance with an impressive pole trick where he did did a moonwalk while hanging on the side of a pole, putting his entire body weight on his hands and arms. It takes a lot of strength to be able to do so and he did it flawlessly.

Next, he pulled out a sword which got everyone nervous. He licked the sword and swallowed it, horrifying everyone at the theater. As if swallowing it isn’t enough, he went on to do backflips with the sword still in his mouth. Yikes!

He pulled out the sword from his mouth and threw it to the side. He grabbed another sword, a bigger one, and then stuffed it down his throat, horrifying everyone yet again!

So you must be wondering how the pole in the middle of the stage plays a part in this whole act. Well..he climbed the pole all the way to the top and in inverted his body–with a sword still stuffed down his throat.

He is now upside down, looking at the floor, with a sword still stuffed in his mouth. The crowd and judges screamed in terror. They could barely look at the man who could easily die from this death defying act.

And without warning, the daredevil’s legs loosened the grip from the pole, fast-tracking his spiral to the bottom as he was inverted with a sword STILL in his mouth!

He re-tightened his grip on the pole to stop his fall, just enough for the butt of the handle of the sword touches the ground. Everyone was relieved that the act is over without the young daredevil getting impales.

Even the paramedics in the backstage sighed in relief as he got away with his stunt unscathed. One false move and he could’ve died.

Simon is known as the cold-hearted judge on America’s Got Talent. It takes a lot to have him begging for a vote. This is one of those very rare occasions where he believed in something so much he convinced the other judges to change their mind.

And the act that stole Simon’s heart? It is Sara Carson’s and her dog Hero. At the time of their audition, the duo lived in a van and traveled across North America. Hero sleeps on an orthopedic bed while Sara gets the uncomfortable back seat.

It really is true what they say about dog people: they would rather be hungry and uncomfortable to ensure the comfort of their furry friend. Truly a heartwarming friendship.

When Simon asked what she would do if she won the show and the million dollars, she was quick to respond that it will go to teaching people how to train their dog using positive reinforcement. Even as she competed, she still had dogs in mind.

It’s like the crowd was transported to medieval times. Pirates of the Caribbean-esque music played in the background as Sara and hero gets into a sword fight.

Andy Huggins, a senior, did not give up on his dream of becoming a comedian and took his comedic prowess to America´s Got Talent. Although old, his jokes were naughty and unhindered!

He dished about his sexual life, romance fantasies and perks of being an old person. His first joke went, ´´I reached my sexual peak 38 years ago. I´m down to one shade of grey, two if catch a nap in the afternoon.´´

He claims to still find s** exciting, except that he doesn´t know what´s going to happen to first: an o***** or a foot cramp. While a lot of people in the audience have yet to reach his age, they did find his stories hilarious. After all, we are all getting there.

‘’There are advantages to being my age. People will stand and offer me their seat, which is great on the bus but a little creepy in the men’s room,’’ Andy continues.

Unfortunately for Andy, not everyone got his jokes. Judge Mel B was very vocal about not getting anything that he said, much to the surprise of the rest of the judges who thought they were pretty straight forward.

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