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If you’ve never heard the name Daria Kondakova, you are missing out on some serious athleticism and talent. Daria is one of the most incredible rhythmic gymnasts in the world. This incredible performance involving a golden ball is proof.

Daria is a three-time world all-around silver medalist. She won her medals in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Although she is now retired, it’s one of her performances from 2011 that has left over 10 million people speechless.

The performance on the next page was from the qualification of 2011 World Championships in Montpellier, France. What makes rhythmic gymnastics different than traditional gymnastics is that it involves more dancing.

Daria starts the performance lying on the ground, she is donning an absolutely stunning gold uniform with her hair pulled back tight. Soon, she comes to life and is contorting her body while balancing a gold ball.

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We’ve all heard the saying “a dog is man’s best friend”. Have you ever thought about why? Sure they provide companionship, even in a therapeutic capacity. So much so that their companionship is actually prescribed on a daily basis to people with debilitating social anxiety or those suffering from PTSD.

They can also protect you from other people if need be. They can also keep you warm, and alert you if something is wrong. All of these things are considered common attributes in most dogs.

Sometimes a dog’s friendship can extend beyond these things though. Animals are very sentient beings. They can sense things in the same ways that we do, and display emotions just like ours.

It’s no wonder then that, just as people can be heroes, when equipped with the right training dogs can be equally heroic. Well, that is just what Lusy Imbergerova set out to prove with her dance partner, Deril the dog.

Watch their military-inspired performance at the FCI 2016 Dog Dance World Championship and see why we’re so captivated! If your blown away as much as we are, go ahead and give us a like! Read More to see what has millions of people in tears.

When you think of dancing, what comes to mind? Ballet, hip-hop, or ballroom? Tango, tap, or jazz? There are so many beautiful styles of dance out there.

But a group of four girls perform a style of dance that many are not familiar with, and it’s mind-blowing!

People often think of Riverdance when they think of Irish dancing, however, there are many other types and genres. Lots of Irish dancing, does involve a very quick and precise movement of the feet.

Four girls take the floor and begin in a perfectly straight line. Then, they fan out by moving their little feet as fast as can be. It’s hard to imagine how they are moving so quickly. It looks like they’re basically floating on air!

The girls are dressed in traditional Irish costumes and have clearly been dancing for quite some time now. Their movies are absolutely stunning and it’s hard to fathom how precise and in sync they all are.

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One of the greatest lessons we all learn in life is the art of balance. Whether it’s balancing work and play, exercise and rest, love and responsibility, it is one of the most important things we can pursue in life. Some of us come by this naturally, while others of us flounder as we scrabble to reach that goal.

While the concept of balance is prevalent in our everyday thinking, there are some people who live and breathe balance as a state of being. Most of us treat the idea of balance like a philosophical and idealistic dream, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The amazing performers in the videos, on the pages to follow, come prove that balance is not only concrete, it’s a talent.

What makes balance such an astonishing thing to see? The ever-present sense of danger. The way these people can manipulate their bodies at staggering heights and angles create a tension so thick, you can cut it with a knife!

Continue reading to see the top 10 balancing acts in the world perform some of the most intense stunts you will ever see! Warning folks: tempted as you might be, DO NOT try this at home… 

Shellie Lopes Boulanger was looking forward to her wedding day. She, like every bride, had anticipation and excitement about the big day. She was even more excited to have her two daughters be a part of the special event.

Angelina is Shellie’s 12-year-old daughter. She absolutely loves performing and always has. Angelina wanted to do something really unique for her mom and her new husband. She wanted to choreograph a dance.

Shellie’s other daughter is 8-year-old Aubrey. Aubrey suffers from Spinal Muscular Dystrophy, described by Medline Plus as “a genetic disease that attacks nerve cells […] in the spinal cord”, which ultimately leads to a weakening of voluntary muscle movement.

Not only was Angelina going to choreograph an incredible performance for her mom, but she was also going to bring Aubrey into the performance as well. It’s a dance act that has brought hundreds of thousands of people to tears.

Continue to the next page to watch the most thoughtful, poignant dance piece. Angelina is clearly an amazing performer and incredible big sister. This is a moment no one will ever forget.

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